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Marrakech’s best café restaurant

Opening hours

Open everyday from 9 am to 11 pm

Marrakech’s pioneer in Café restaurants located in the heart of the Medina:

Café des épices is a world-renowned Café restaurant that attracts people from all over the world, with its red Marrakech Tadelakt you are bound to fall in love with Anne Favier’s decoration that reminds you of Morocco’s culture, art and crafts.

The beautiful terrace gives you a perfect and breathtaking view over the majestic Atlas Mountains, completed with low tables and Berber cushions, the experience is one of a kind. The interior is as beautiful as the outdoor, with its wooden tables and chairs, if you are a lover of quiet and relaxing areas, Café des épices is the place to go to, with a fire place, you can savor a hot mint tea with Moroccan pastry and forget about the world in Marrakech’s best café restaurant.

The place where to eat in the midst of the Medina’s chaos:

Café des épices offers a variety of choices with its Moroccan diversified menu, after a stroll in the chaotic medina, you are welcomed to freshen up with one of our fresh juices that are made with seasonable fruits. A Beldi breakfast waits for you from 09:00 to 12:00 PM before you start your day in the Souks and streets of the Medina, our selection of Salads is perfect for our vegetarian clients, a perfect burger with traditional bread is a must if you come across Café des épices, if you are fish lover the sardine dumplings that the restaurant offers are like butter in your mouth. For the sweet lovers, a variety of Moroccan pastries and desserts are to be found in the menu, all of these choices can be found every day for reasonable prices. Marrakech best spot to eat is waiting to receive you.

Marrakech’s best Café restaurant, surrounded with magic:

Café des épices is surrounded with many small and big shops, from rug stores that make you get lost in their beauty, to women selling their crafts in the famous ‘Place des épices’, after a good lunch or breakfast in the restaurant you can buy wicker hats or bags from the small shops, you can also practice your bargaining skills. So, if you are to visit Marrakech, make Marrakech Cafe des épices an obligatory stop in your calendar, we can assure you that you will taste the best food in Marrakech cafe and have the best time looking over the Atlas Mountains.

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